ATP Members 2.0

ATP Members 

2.0 will be launching May 2024. Don't miss out!

The ATP Members website and its courses are currently being written, filmed, edited and prepared. It will be ready when it's ready but it will be well worth the wait so please bear with us as we get everything finalised: 

  • Photography and Video Training
  • Wedding VIDEO Blueprint 2024
  • Drone Training, Editing and Selling 
  • Web Design, SEO, Community, Prizes!
  • And a lot, LOT more for...
  • £10 PER MONTH (early birds only)!

In the meantime, feel free sign up to our newsletter/email list to be informed of the launch and remember, only early birds get this insane price. One video/photo sale, one small job you get or virtually anything you earn as a direct result of our tips, services and courses will earn many months, if not years of your membership! Our affiliate program will make that even better ; )

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