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6 ​Courses that will teach you ​to the highest level

​Beginner Photography

Duration: ​TBA

​21 lessons for the beginner to digital photography from kit, cards and computers to techniques and editing.

​Advanced Photography

Duration:​​ TBA

​Photography lessons for the more advanced photographer from off-camera flash to moving time lapses.

​The Business of Photography

Duration: ​​TBA

​Epic new course! ​​Learn to dominate your market with our cutting edge expert business ​coaching!

​Video for Beginners

Duration: ​​TBA

​As video becomes more mainstream for photographers to incorporate, we take you through the basics ​& more.

​Wedding Photography

Duration: ​​TBA

T​his is the remastered and updated edition of our popular Wedding Photography Blueprint DVD's.

​​Websites and SEO

Duration: ​​TBA

​Here I sill the beans on my 15+ years of website building and SEO to get you to the top of the rankings.


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