Centre Weighted Metering

​This metering mode gives you more control over the exposure

​This will allow the camera to concentrate towards the centre of the scene. Like evaluative, it will evaluate the light in the entire scene and then look towards the central 30-40% and adjust for that giving that area precedence.

Centre Weighted Metering Viewfinder

This is good if you are shooting a back-lit subject (i.e. with the sun behind) as normally the camera would expose more for the bright sun (and “squint” as we discussed in evaluative metering) leaving the subject dark and in a silhouette. We have all taken those types of shots right?

Good if you planned it that way, bad if you didn’t.

Of course, you could always stick to evaluative metering, let the camera expose for the background and then ping in some flash to brighten the foreground subject in those situations. Don’t be afraid to use flash in the daytime as it can level out a scene perfectly!

As with evaluative metering, centre-weighted metering can also be used as “partial spot metering”. You will understand this better after the next “spot metering” section.