Photography and Light

Three ways to manipulate light entering your DSLR camera

When taking a photograph with any camera, at any time of day and of anything, there are 3 ways of making sure the exposure is correct (or 3 ways of allowing enough light to hit the film or sensor). Understanding these is paramount to progressing with photography and once you understand them and how to manipulate them, you are well on the way!

These are;

  • 1
    Shutter - This device determines how LONG the light hits the film or sensor for
  • 2
    Aperture - This determines how MUCH light hits the film or sensor
  • 3
    ISO - This determines the SENSITIVITY of the film or sensor

These all have their own benefits and shortcomings and it is good to learn more about each one and how to adjust each one for different circumstances. You can manipulate each of these camera settings to create different effects in your images which we will cover in a minute.