Shutter Speeds

How ​Different ​Shutter ​Speeds ​Can ​Affect ​Your ​Photos

A slow shutter (30th/sec, 15th/sec, 1 second etc) will give a blurry effect, good for panning shots where the background of a moving car is out of focus when the car is sharp. A smaller aperture or lower ISO is required to compensate. Bear in mind that the faster the subject is moving, even a faster shutter speed of around 60th/sec or even 125th/sec will have motion blur.

A fast shutter speed (250th/sec, 500th/sec, 1000th/sec) will freeze action such as sports or nature but the opposite reaction is that either a large aperture or more sensitive sensor is needed to compensate for the lack of light let in with a short exposure (fast shutter). You need to be aware of how bright your surroundings are when using faster shutter speeds. Too low and you may need to add light…

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​You may also find this video very interesting as it shows, in super slow motion, exactly how the shutter in most DSLR’s work…