Health Nutrition and Longevity of Life

Health Nutrition and Longevity of Life

Prevention is Better Than Cure - Cancer, Diabetes...

FOR VIDEO: Talk about how I have seen family and friends die unnecessarily. From alcohol and drug abuse. From obesity. Accidental deaths (motorcycles, skydiving etc) and so on. Talk about my near misses and how they were or could have been avoided. ​Mention my experiences with weight, with alcohol, with drugs, with food choices, with exercise and so on. Talk about the course details and how it can help them.



Ok, before we start, let me just say that this entire section on health and nutrition is from:

  • My own, extensive research over more than a decade
  • Using myself as a guinea pig for a lot of research (weight loss, small ailments etc)
  • Far too much personal experience with cancer in the family
  • My passion to help others live a long and healthy life

A lot of my research includes modern day studies from excellent, well-researched sources including "The Truth About Cancer" by Ty Bollinger...which mostly backed-up what I already knew or thought. In effect, I have done all the research for you and collated it along with my own findings and thoughts here.

Note: Please read this lengthy page in full before going any further.

It will give you a better understanding of what you will learn and how you and your family can benefit. Remember, we are all made differently and not everything applies to everyone. I.e. no one diet will suit everyone. That's important!

You see it's not so much how long you live for but in what condition you are when spending those years. I have always wanted to reach old age with the ability to still be highly active.

​Sports such as golf, cycling, swimming, table tennis, running (on occasion) have always played a large part in my life. ​All being well, I would like to continue ​enjoying these into old age.

I​'m currently in my early fifties and feel amazing although I have had my "moments" throughout life. Mostly to do with my weight.

I decided in my mid-thirties, after a good few years of abuse, to:

  • Hugely cut back on my alcohol intake (I rarely drink anymore)
  • Quit smoking forever
  • Study nutrition and the effects on my body and mind
  • Exercise more

When I hit 50, and when a few very close members of family were taken by cancer or health related issues, I decided to step it up a notch and actually get some form of qualification behind me.

Not only would this hopefully back up the research I had already done, but it would give me more credence and trust if I were to try and help others.

Food, Diets and Weight Loss

I first got interested in fitness when I saw a bunch of my school mates in the gym. They were wearing black bin bags under their sports clothes in the hope that they would lose weight quicker.

Even as a teenager I understood how dumb this was. All they would lose in water which could be dangerous. Plus once they went back to normality and drank water again, the weight would go back on. However, more than unlikely beknown to them, they were probably ridding themselves of a ton of toxins through the sweat on their skin!

I have always, not so much struggled with weight, but had to watch it. There were times as a young boy (usually during term time) that I would put on a fair both of weight (fat). Then there were times, such as after the summer holidays, where I would be skinny again.

This has carried on throughout most of my life until I finally learnt about nutrition and finally understood my own body type and what I should be eating.

It is a minefield of information and mis-information out there so understandably many people get confused. They end up "yoyo" dieting, following all sorts of crazy fads when it is all so unnecessary.



The Truth About Milk

During my extensive research over the years, this one surprised me the most. It also made me angry. Everything is about money...

We are taught from an early age that milk is a rich source of calcium and it is good for our bones. What if I told you the absolute opposite was true and milk actually PULLS calcium from our bones. This is what leads to high levels of osteoporosis in many nations.

This is too big to include here so I have created a page on this below which includes all the relevant sources of scientific study.

The Truth About Milk

My Weight Loss Journey

I have used three different methods to lose between 2 and four stone in weight each time and will go through these during the course. Each one differs in:

  • Food choices
  • How many meals to eat a day
  • When I eat
  • The amount of exercise I did

Some are totally unsustainable but great for a quick fix (for weddings, holidays etc) and others are almost perfect and sustainable lifestyle changes. In the image below, I used one method to lose 20kg in 9 months. I went from 101kg on the left to 81kg on the right. That's just over 3 stone or 44lbs. I felt amazing!

Nick Stubbs Weight Loss Before and After




Note: This is a huge and important section so I may go on a bit here but with good reason.

Let me just say this about cancer. I have my own thoughts about cancer and will share them here but be aware, they are quite controversial. Cancer is the number 2 cause of death worldwide so it deserves our immediate attention whatever your current state of health.

Sadly, most people leave this attention until it is too late. Not too late to hopefully do something about it (whichever course of action you take), but too late to prevent it from happening in the first place. Right now, 2019, it is thought that 33% of people alive today will be diagnosed with one form of cancer or another in varying degrees.

Such is our crazy lifestyle:

  • Fast food/poor diet/GMO's etc
  • Wi-Fi/Cellular radiation
  • Alcohol and cigarettes
  • Stress
  • Lack of exercise

Here comes a very controversial statement but one that is fast becoming accepted. This statement also falls in line with what I have believed for many, many years.

“90-95% of all cancers are due to diet and lifestyle factors with just 5-10% due to genes.”

This is broken down to:

  • 1
    30-35% - Diet
  • 2
    25-30% - Tobacco
  • 3
    15-20% - Infections
  • 4
    10-20% - Obesity
  • 5
    4-6% - Alcohol
  • 6
    10-20% - Others

If you look at those figures and think about how they possibly relate to you, how preventable do you think cancer can be for your lifestyle?

I stopped smoking in 2002 whilst we were trying for a baby* and since 2008, I have seriously adjusted my food choices and started exercising more.

*We had been trying for 18 months but as soon as we both stopped smoking, my wife fell pregnant. It was almost as though our bodies were waiting for us to provide safe conditions for life!

Based on the figures above, estimations are that up to 70% of cancers can be prevented through diet and lifestyle changes. Think about that...

My plan, and something I have told my kids time and time again, is that I plan to RUN over the 100 year old line with years of healthy life left in my bones.

We are not the same

With over 200 different types of cancer and an almost infinite number of genetic variations in our individual bodies, it can seem like a lottery as to whether you get cancer at some point or not. Rather than just "hoping" and "trying your best", in this section you will hopefully discover the best course of action for YOU.

Did you know: We all have cancer right now! Yep, pretty much every human being alive right now has cancerous cells in their body. Between 100,000 and 150,000 to be precise. Cancer cells are normal and our immune system in constantly dealing with and eliminating them.

It is only when our immune system in compromised for lengthy periods of time that cancer starts to grow and/or spread.

​Did you know: It can take up to 20 years for a tumor to reach the size where it is detectable? With that in mind, there is no time like the present to begin seriously thinking about your lifestyle and start looking after you and your family!

​Me and cancer

Thankfully I have reached my early 50's without contracting cancer and I plan to keep it that way. I did however have an issue on the skin on my hand that was worsening over time. Rather than go to the doctor, I self-diagnosed, made changes and within two weeks the problem had gone.

It was a simple diagnoses and even simpler remedy which you can read about here:

My Illnesses and Remedies

I first got interested in cancer and what it was as a 19 year old when I did my first parachute jump for Cancer Research. I then did another five years later for the same cause and eventually took up skydiving for real for about three years.

Since around 2008 I have always felt that something wasn't "quite right" about cancer. After all the billions of pounds raised for research over the past century, we were no further ahead in dealing with it. That's when I started researching prevention.

I did this because I honestly believed that most cancers were a result of something we were doing to ourselves and nothing to do with "bad luck", DNA, family history and so on.

When I first felt this way, the medical opinion was that maybe 10% of cancers were preventable but the rest were DNA or genetic related.

Now, in 2019, the general consensus in the medical "industry" is that that figure is now way over 50% and more like 70-80%. I still believe it is more.


Sadly there are some factors that we simply cannot avoid in many cases:

  • Carbon monoxide from automobiles (until we go fully green)
  • Cellular radiation from 4G and even stronger 5G cell phone signals*
  • Chemicals absolutely everywhere (in food, products, plastics, odours etc)

*Have you ever put your cell phone too close to your computer and heard a pulsing, static/electronic noise making you move it away? That is going through you on its way to your cell phone you know! Mine started doing this as I was writing this section...

However, there are way more ways in which we can avoid it:

  • Food choices (choose foods that your individual body needs...more later)
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Smoking
  • Drugs (prescription AND recreational)
  • Exercise (or lack of)
  • Sunlight (or lack of)
  • Limit stress
  • Get more sleep


My theory is that yes, we do inherit "bad" or rogue genes from our parents or ancestors but it is whether we aggravate or activate anomalies within them through lifestyle and environmental factors.

For example, a person who smokes is obviously going to be more susceptible to lung cancer but how is it that some people smoke all their lives and live to be 100? That person may have an entirely different, and more healthy gene make up than someone who died from lung cancer early in their life.

The same with bowel cancer. Two people may eat the same, unhealthy, acidic, inflammation inducing diet but one lives a long healthy life whereas the other contracts bowel cancer. There could be a number of reasons for this unfair allocation of illness such as differences in:

  • Exercise
  • DNA or gene make up
  • Proportion of unhealthy foods eaten
  • etc...

So could the person who contracted bowel cancer have prevented this by eating a healthy diet throughout their life? Quite possibly and that is what we will dive into in more depth later on.

Why do kids get cancer then?

This is a huge question I have been asked on many occasions when talking to people about my findings. Some even get angry saying "it's not their fault" among other things.

That's right, it's not their fault. Once again, it could be down to genetics but does that mean it isn't preventable?

Note: I have had my DNA checked for all genetic health issues and thankfully I was clear of the main cancer signals or genetic markers. I did however have both faulty genes signalling Age Related Macular Degeneration which makes sense as my grandfather was registered blind later in life. At least by knowing this, I can take the best precautions possible right now to look after my health.

Anyway, with regards to children's health, I believe it could start in the womb. Even before conception.

Note: I once spent two days doing voluntary work at a children's hospice. A very humbling, emotional and eye-opening experience. I observed the children whilst photographing and filming them thinking "how could this possibly happen"?​ Eventually​, I came up with a number of theories some of which are below.

Maybe if all offenders of whatever crime committed should do community work at a kids hospice. It would change their lives or at the very least make them stop and think about their choices in life.


Remember I said earlier about my wife conceiving once we had given up smoking?

What if for some people that "safety net" doesn't work? What if they conceive during the whole reproductive process? ​Then, what if bad chemicals get mixed up in the process?

Imagine you are baking a cake.

You have all the right ingredients in all the right quantities and are following the exact process from a recipe. Without you noticing, someone throws in a rogue ingredient such as pepper, chilli or something else.

When the cake is ready, it's not quite right. That rogue ingredient had a large effect on the final product.

Could this happen before, during and post-pregnancy (chemicals in breast milk)?

The early embryonic stages are critical to natural growth and anything tarnishing that could have devastating effects.

Did you know: A study of 100 umbilical cords from a wide ranging demograph showed that EVERY CORD had up to 200 man-made chemicals present. That is incredible and also very alarming.

​The US alone produces 27 trillion lbs of chemicals each year! That's 250lbs per person, per day!

​Toxins are all around us...more that most people realise​. They deplete the minerals in our bodies causing no end of problems now or in the future. They cause our cells to malfunction even with the smallest of doses. Here are a few to be aware of in every day life:

  • ​Fire resistant carpets in hotels​
  • ​Pesticides in carpets to repel fleas and the like
  • ​Wall paint containing chemicals that are harmful to human health
  • ​Sodium ​Fluoride (rat poison) when brushing our teeth (why is there a warning saying not to swallow)
  • ​Sodium Laurel Sulphate in most cleaning and personal care products
  • ​Aluminium deodorant sprayed into our armpits and lymph nodes
  • ​Make up and nail varnish containing multiple toxins (you "eat" this through your skin)
  • Chlorine in swimming pools. Yep, chlorine contains markers for developing cancer*
  • ​Chemicals in our food from GMO's, pesticides, plastic residue, preservatives etc
  • List Element
  • List Element

​*Chlorine: ​​In the first of three new studies published in the journal, the researchers evaluated 49 healthy adults after they swam for 40 minutes in an indoor chlorinated pool, looking for biomarkers linked to cancer.

"What we found is by analyzing blood samples and urine samples, we have an increase in risk markers related to cancer," Kogevinas tells WebMD. Exposure to the pool water was associated with a five-fold increase in one of the markers, he says.

But that does not mean swimmers are doomed to get cancer, he stresses.

That's enough for me to choose not to go to the pool again. I always felt "wheezy" when at the local swimming pool and hated the heat and the smell of chlorine. It's crazy when you think about it.

Who knows what long term effects can happen to a child taken to the pool at an early age. Or when the pregnant mother continues to smoke, drink alcohol or eat poor food choices during pregnancy.

  • Deformity
  • Autism
  • ADHD

Think about this too (important)

How many mothers-to-be continue with all their not-so-healthy lifestyles without even realising they are pregnant? It could mean 8 weeks of (non-intentional) "abuse" on the fetus before the mother realises she is pregnant...and then stops. Could some damage already be done by that point?

Be positive

If diagnosed, they say it is important to stay positive. I have heard many cases where as soon as the patients heard they had cancer, even if they had unknowingly had it for years, they were dead within weeks or even days. Other cases have proven that a complete attitude change the other way (continuously watching comedies etc) actually helped recovery.

Cancer used to be pretty much a death sentence but it is not any more for many people.

To understand cancer and learn how to prevent it, you need to understand the "disease" from a molecular point of view. Now, I will try and explain this through the following pages in simple, layman's terms so that you don't need to do an entire diploma and a decade of study like I have.

Note: The course I took is the kind of high-caliber informational study that is taught to post-graduate students from Harvard University.

I hope this all makes sense and remember:

  • We are all different
  • You WILL need to make changes in your life to feel great and live longer
  • It is up to you and only you to make those changes
  • I am NOT a doctor so please read the privacy policy and medical disclaimer

Diagnosed with Cancer?


In most cases it has taken years to get to the stage you are at. You have time to hold off from toxic chemo and other treatments. Give yourself 6 months to completely change your lifestyle, get some exercise and start to nourish your body with:

  • Less (bad) carbohydrates
  • Cut sugar COMPLETELY (remember, bread turns to sugar once consumed...sorry)
  • Healthy fats
  • Tons of organic veggies
  • Nuts and fruits
  • Detox
  • RAW foods and juice with high quality water
  • Positive attitude
  • Reduce stress and laugh more (tough but try it)
  • Intravenous Vitamin C*

* Vitamin C taken intravenously has been proven to help chemotherapy. It acts like a Trojan horse of sorts. You can ask for 30-50,000mg for each dose but tests are needed to be taken first to ensure you won't have an adverse reaction.

It is suggested that 15,000mg is a good place to start and all patients receiving Vitamin C at this level showed no side effects whatsoever. Cancer thinks Vitamin C is glucose but as it has hydrogen peroxide, this kills cancer cells but doesn't harm healthy cells. It does, however, make them MORE healthy and doesn't interfere with chemotherapy.

Monitor yourself as you go and look for changes (for the better).


In doctors own studies (USA and Australia), chemo is effective in less than 3% of cases. If you are going to do chemo, do all of the above at the same time.


In a nutshell, pollution kills electrons that we need in our body. This lack of electrons lowers the energy in the cell which can easily result in that cell turning into a cancerous cell.

When you put energy back into the cell, it then normalises back to what it should be (non-cancerous) and this has been proven on numerous occasions.

As mentioned earlier, Intravenous Vitamin C helps here too as it recharges the cell whilst removing the toxins. Not only that, Vitamin C also works to help combat and eliminate almost all other diseases.

Energy is everything!!!!!


  • 1
    Change your diet ASAP by applying what you learn throughout this course
  • 2
    Reduce toxicity/EMF's (think chemicals, Wi-Fi signals, cellphones, cordless phones etc)
  • 5
    Balance energy with sleep, exercise etc
  • 6
    Heal and balance your emotions...forgive!
  • 7
    Try to have all your amalgam fillings replaced. I did and wish I did it years earlier!
  • 8
    Look to take supplements that proven to kill cancer cells. I love spices like Turmeric and Ginger
  • 9
    Keeping an eye on your health and nutrition. Have regular checks on blood etc. PREVENT DISEASE.

Fasting and Autophogy - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10jNZleNH9w

When you fast, you see the death of bad cells as well as dead cells (helps with loose skin when you lose weight).

Carbs feed bad system. Good foods feed mitochondria to give us energy.

Free radicals are bad and when they reach a certain level, they send out a "signal" so then the immune system deals with it. With cancer, there are NO free radicals so there will never be that signal. The immune system will never know about it.

Good fats and walk barefoot on the earth to receive electrons which are proven to help.