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​ATP (N​oun) "The Energy Currency of Life"

Welcome to ​the private members extensive training ​club in Photography, Video, Business ​& Health. First things first, please grab a drink and watch the welcome video below for all the details...

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​*private tuition not included.

Pro Photos and Video With Smartphones

Smartphone Photography and Video

Most of us now use our phones for still images and video...mostly for family and events so learn (for free) how to get the best out of your Smartphone's camera.

ATP Members 3 Months Free

Earn Commissions Selling ATP Members

Make Money with ATP Members

A free course teaching you how you can earn money selling our courses whether you are a member or not. All training and resources included. Start today!

ATP Members 3 Months Free

Shoot Weddings Professionally

Wedding Photography Course

Everything you need to know about shooting weddings for a living or as a part time venture. This is a super in depth course with all you need to know.

ATP Members 3 Months Free

18 Lessons for Beginner Photographers

Photography for Beginners

Give yourself a reason to buy or to have bought that expensive new camera by learning to create kick-ass photos every time you take your camera out.

ATP Members 3 Months Free

39 Advanced Photography Lessons

Advanced Photography Lessons

Already own a DSLR or Mirrorless camera? We dive into a lot more detail leaving you way more confident in your camera and all aspects of photography.

ATP Members 3 Months Free

Starting Your Own Business?

The Business of Photography

I have operated successful businesses in Spain and the UK since 2002. Here I teach everything from motivation and confidence through to getting started.

ATP Members 3 Months Free

Learn to Shoot and Edit Video

Learn to Shoot and Edit Video

Many photographers these days either incorporate into or transition over to video. Here we teach you the basics and more advanced aspects of up to 4K video.

ATP Members 3 Months Free

Private, One to One Tuition (Online)

Private Tuition

If you would prefer to have private one to one lessons with me, I have limited spaces with slots starting at just one hour through to longer, more intensive tuition.

Private Tuition Call Now

Lose Weight Fast, Naturally and Forever

Lose Weight Fast Naturally and Forever

I have lost 3 stone, 3 times using three different methods, none sustainable. I've taken the best bits from each to create a simple, sustainable way to lose weight.

ATP Members 3 Months Free

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