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Why ATP Members?

About ATP Members

The original ATP Members launched back in 2009 was highly successful. We had many members around the world, some of which are still close friends 15 years later and many of which are now professionals in their field. I like to think that ATP Members played a small part in that success.

The purpose of and the idea behind ATP Members 2.0 is ongoing support. Whereas before, I had two young children and a busy offline business, I am at a point in life where I now want to do less practical work and more teaching/mentoring. It’s what I love. Plus the kids are now both adults!

I have been teaching for over 15 years in the areas of photography, video, websites, SEO, sales and marketing, product creation, business in general. In that time, I have personally learned so much and because the internet is a fast-paced, ever-changing machine, the importance of ongoing training has never been so important. Think AI!

You could do a two year diploma in online marketing and by the time you graduate, the online world has changed beyond recognition. Having this online “portal”, means I can update all lessons as and when technology moves forward as well as adding to existing courses.

ATP Members 2012
ATP Members 2012

The Problem

I have been wanting to write these courses for a while but had something holding me back (AI as it turned out). I didn’t just want to write a short eBook, have someone read it and then leave it at that. I love to teach and I love to see people succeed with ongoing help so…

The Solution

The unique layout of ATP Members is a superb learning concept. It combines up to date course delivery with modern social media functionality and community and is actually quite similar to the membership site that I ran over a decade ago. 

The reasoning behind this is to allow students to “hang out” whilst they not only take the courses but also to receive ongoing help and support with their business on completion.

The beauty of our social media aspects including:

…is that like-minded members can not only help one another with “sticking points” but they can also collaborate on potential projects and business ideas. All of this comes without the usual “noise” and distractions that come with Facebook, Twitter etc.

This is a long term project for me and I have big plans for the future of the site. I would like to eventually allow members to create their own private groups with Zoom integration for business development. I would also like to (at some point) invite other industry professionals to create their own related business courses here for which there would be a profit share. However, this is just an idea for now.

On top of all what is currently available, I hope to offer one to one training for members both online and off as well as the possibility of group meet ups in “the real world”. For now though, I hope you enjoy the courses, I hope you make the most of the social media features and most of all, I hope you make good friends and great contacts here!

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