Google Helpful Content Update Sept 2023

Google Are Watching You so Be Good

Keeping up with the Googashians

Oh man, after 18 years of building websites and learning SEO, you think I would get used to this! You spend 2-3 years learning exactly what Google want only for them to run an update that wipes out that hard work.

It seems that since the infamous "Penguin" update of yesteryear (2012), it's become harder and harder to know what Google wants. Well, if you are just starting out, it's actually not that hard. , . 

  • Build a website
  • Make sure your image abide by the rules 
  • Build pages, review stuff you love and write blog posts that are genuine
  • Do it because you are passionate and not vying for a sale. The sales will come.

Write from the heart. Write from experience and emotion. Let the readers know that you are real and not the product of some fancy AI bot.

SEO takes a hit

It appears that with this latest update from Google, it is all about being genuine and going after those who aim to "win" (spamalot) at SEO. I can see where Google are coming from...

Product reviews

I have written countless product reviews over the years and have never thought too much about SEO. Yes, I have followed basic guidelines such as:

  1. Keep the entire page or review on topic.
  2. Make sure you use other related words in your prose that are even sometimes tenuous.
  3. Don't keyword stuff the page with that one killer, hard to win keyword "make money online" springs to mind. Please don't.
  4. Look at the low-hanging fruit, the words and phrases that genuine people use.
  5. Worry more about what people want rather than what Google will reward you for. Trust me, you'll never win that fight.

Case in point...

I rented it. I loved it. I bought it and I reviewed it. I spent £thousands on the camera and weeks writing and filming this review and got paid...absolutely nothing! I did because since the age of 13, I have been obsessed with cameras and love passing on my advice and experience.

I am sick and tired of looking for decent reviews of products I wish to buy myself, only to realise something time after time. I start to see that after one or two paragraphs, I am being "worked" by an affiliate marketer and their cunning SEO skills.

Most of the time, they don't give two sh*ts about you or the product. They just want their affiliate commission from the sale. Some of the best reviews can come from the big manufacturers that make the damn thing. They are being genuine (most of the time) because they don't want a ton of returns and pad press. What they do want are repeat sales and you get that by making kick-ass products and being honest about them!

Then there are people like me who have a passion for this and do it more for the love of it than the money. It's like I say to my kids, don't chase money, chase your dreams with a passion and the money will come. Be patient.

Anyway, I suggest that you read the article below and take heed when you next build a web page or start a new website.

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Author: Nick

Professional photographer, videographer, drone pilot and creator of ATP Members.

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